In order to ensure the successful implementation of the project, we carry out all types of construction works, their documentation, coordination and supervision, commissioning.

Experience in construction works:
  • Base plates roomuve - The best solution for an energy-efficient private house, as well as fast construction and a good solution for weak soil bearing capacity.
  • Construction of strip foundations - Construction of a complex building on several levels is possible.
  • Reinforced concrete construction works, including exposed reinforced concrete, which is concreted on a slope - Realization of a building of high complexity in nature can be achieved.

  • Construction of warm floors - Easy to solve together with the construction of slab foundations.
  • Construction of engineering communications, including in reinforced concrete walls - Timely planning and a precise design project are required.
  • Roof construction, including from PVC materials - Anticipating future additional loads, such as from solar panels.
  • Interior and exterior decoration – Using modern materials and looking for non-standard solutions.