We offer a full design service - from the first consultation, ideas and sketches to obtaining a building permit and author supervision during construction works.
Our team of skilled professionals is committed to helping you transform your ideas and dreams into reality.


  • Architect and construction engineer consultations
  • Construction project management
  • Research of the possible development of the land plot and meta-development of the idea
  • Development of detailed plan, local plan
  • Development of the land development project
  • Photofixation, surveying, 3D scanning and 3D surveying
  • Technical survey of buildings
  • Analysis of the construction of the block
  • Construction concept development
  • Development of 3D visualizations
  • Engineering topographic research
  • Geotechnical investigation

  • Development of all types of construction plans:
    • construction projects for new buildings;
    • construction projects for reconstructions;
    • change construction projects;
    • identification cards;
    • explanatory articles;
    • demolition projects;
    • conservation projects;
    • sketch projects;
    • interior design conceptual solutions.
  • Development of architecture, building structures, as well as other sections of the construction project
  • Development of engineering communications projects (internal and external networks)
  • Coordination of projects in the construction board, as well as in other state and local government institutions
  • Author supervision
  • Commissioning of buildings